The educational community of P.S. 186 is committed to ensuring that all students strive for and achieve excellence in academics, arts and citizenship. We promote strong communication between the home and school to plan an instructional program that challenges and engages students’ thinking and creativity through school and home experiences. Language, ethnic and cultural diversity are respected as enhancements to student learning.

The P.S. 186 Instructional Focus

We will foster a growth mindset in all students to develop their ability to self-regulate and persevere within interdisciplinary units. Student supports will include the use of  instructional protocols, scaffolds, and data driven strategy groups. Collaboration, empathy, and leadership will be encouraged both in and out of the classroom so we are “Heads Above the Rest!”

Arrival Procedures

  • A free and nutritious breakfast is available to all students from 7:20- 7:50 AM each school day. Students who wish to join us for breakfast should enter the building through the main entrance no earlier than 7:20 AM and no later than 7:40 AM.  After breakfast, they will be escorted to their line-up area by our staff.  Students who arrive after 7:45 AM will receive a “grab and go” breakfast to bring to their classroom by one of the breakfast stations.

  • Morning line-up begins at 7:50 AM each day.  Students should enter through the main schoolyard gates on either 76th or 77th Street.  During the fall and spring, students will be lining up in the schoolyard according to their class. During the winter months or inclement weather, students will use the same schoolyard gates on 76th or 77th street to enter the school building directly and assume their indoor line-up spots.  Grades K through 2 will line up in the assigned gymnasium and Grades 3 through 5 will line up in the auditorium. Teachers will meet their classes at their assigned line up area at 8:00 a.m. and escort them quietly to the classroom. 

Dismissal Procedures

All students will be dismissed Monday through Friday as follows:

  • Kindergarten will be dismissed in the center schoolyard at 2:10 PM
  • Grade 1 will be dismissed from the 77th Street schoolyard at 2:10 PM
  • Grade 2-3 will be dismissed from the 76th Street schoolyard at 2:20 PM
  • Grade 4 will be dismissed from the 76th Street exit onto the sidewalk at 2:15 PM
  • Grade 5 will be dismissed from the 77th Street exit onto the sidewalk at 2:15 PM

You must let your child’s teacher know who will meet him/her at dismissal. Only those people indicated on the emergency blue cards will be allowed to pick up your child from school. NO EXCEPTIONS. Only persons 18 years or older should be listed on the emergency blue card.  Only fourth and fifth-grade students will have permission to walk home alone if a parent chooses to complete the ‘walk home alone’ form.  

Early Dismissal: For security reasons, no child in any grade will be dismissed early unless picked up by a parent/guardian and signed out at the main office. Please do not go up to the classroom. Our office personnel will send for the child. Prior notification, in writing, must be arranged for an early pick-up. Please make every effort to schedule appointments outside of school hours.  Early pick-ups are strongly discouraged because of the disruption it causes to classroom instruction. Any parent picking up at 2 PM may be asked to wait for regular dismissal time.

More information about dismissal procedures!

Cultural Celebrations

This year at PS 186 we are sharing Google Slide Shows to Celebrate Heritage Months.  Please feel free to check out some of the Slide Shows created by our staff:

Hispanic Heritage Month by Ms. Lombardo
Italian-American Heritage Month by Ms. Lombardo
National American Indian & Alaska Native Heritage Month by Ms. Lombardo
Chinese New Year by Ms. Lombardo
Black History Month by Ms. Lombardo
Women's History Month by Ms. Lombardo