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Non Negotiable Rules

Non-Negotiable Rules for In- Person Learning

1. Attend school daily and arrive on time during both Remote Learning and in-person learning.
2. All individuals are required to follow behaviors that prevent the spread of Covid-19, noted in the table below for the health and safety of our school community:


Physical Distancing


All individuals in school buildings should remain at least 6 feet apart.

Wear a Face Covering


Face coverings are required by all individuals in the school building.

Keep Hands Clean


All individuals are required to utilize the increased access and regular opportunities to wash hands and use hand sanitizer throughout the day.

Adhere to Signage and Floor Markings


All individuals are required to adhere to the signs and floor markings that are set forth by NYC Health’s four actions for prevention.


3. All individuals are to stay home if sick.

4. Leave all outer clothing and personal property in your classroom closet or designated area.
5. Enter their room quietly, take your assigned seat, and begin work immediately.
6. Be prepared to work every day. Bring notebooks, assigned textbooks, pencils, pens, crayons, glue and equipment that is required for learning

7. Read and complete work assigned for the days in which the student is working remotely

8. Eat only in the cafeteria and/or designated area. Gum chewing is prohibited.

9. Any electronic devices (cell phones, ipods, etc.,) not used for learning are to be turned off and put away in your bookbag.

10. All desks and /or working areas should be kept cleaned.
11. Physical and/or verbal violence is prohibited. Learn to disagree without being disagreeable.

12. Respect the building. Graffiti or defacing any part of the building is prohibited.

13. Be respectful when using the bathroom, keeping it clean for yourself and others. Toilet paper and/or paper towels are to be used appropriately.

14. Hats are prohibited in all areas of the school building.
15. Be responsible for yourself, your belongings and your actions.
16. Respect yourself and respect others. Be considerate of everyone in our school 
building, including all adults and students.
17. Treat others as you would want to be treated. Speak nicely to one another and 
do not use inappropriate language.
18. Safety comes first! All individuals are expected to behave in a way that is not 
harmful to themselves or others.
19. All students are expected to act in a manner that shows their understanding of the 
Playworks Four Core Values:Respect, Inclusion, Healthy Play, and Healthy Community when participating in recess both in and outside the building.

page2image729662448The Non-Negotiable Rules for Working Remotely

1. All students are to log into Google Classroom on time each day, as stated on their designated schedule.
2. All students are expected to be prepared to work every day they are working remotely during any given week. (Monday-Friday)

3. All devices should be charged and available for your use. All materials such as school books, notebooks, independent reading books, post-its and pencils/pens should be available in your work area.

4. Work areas should be cleaned and organized.

5. All cell phones, iPods, and televisions should be turned off or removed from your work area to limit the number of distractions around you.

6. Respect all electronic devices. Devices should be carried using two hands and liquids should be kept away from all devices.

7. Be responsible for yourself, your belongings and your actions.
8. Review your work thoroughly before sending it to ensure you are sending your best 
9. Be patient with your teachers and peers. We are learning together.
10. Respect yourself and respect others. Be considerate of everyone in your Google Classroom. Always be positive.

11. Treat others as you would want to be treated. No curse words or inappropriate language will be allowed when commenting or communicating with teachers and classmates.

12. When writing comments or submitting work, use complete sentences, which include correct grammar and spelling.


**Comments that include abbreviations such as those used when text messaging will not be counted and the teacher will ask the student to resubmit.


As per the NYC Discipline Code, consequences for breaking school-wide rules may include: (*Conferences can be scheduled as Google Meets)


●  Parent Phone Conference with the Teacher

●  Parent Phone Conference with an Assistant Principal

●  Parent Phone Conference with the Principal

●  Guidance conference, which may result in the student being invited for a remote individual or group counseling session in the Guidance Google Classroom.