May Parent Letter

Dear Parents,

        Spring is finally here and we’re looking forward to our final two months at P. S. 186!  Now that the nice weather is here, we will begin outdoor line-up effective Wednesday, May 9th.  All classes should line up at their recess line-up spots, signs will be posted.  Parents will not be permitted in the schoolyard.

We are so proud of our grades 3, 4 and 5 students who just took the NYS Math Exam.  All of our English Language Learners have just begun taking the NYSESLAT exam in reading, writing and listening. Our Fourth Graders are preparing for the NYS Science Exam.  We would like to wish all of our students good luck.  We encourage you to continue to support your children by checking their homework nightly so they are better prepared for all of these exams and for their daily classwork.

        As you are aware, P.S. 186 has a Uniform Policy.  With the warmer weather finally here we would like to remind our children that they are required to wear their uniforms daily. If you opt to have your child wear dark blue shorts rather than pants, please be aware that the shorts must be knee length. Additionally, students must wear closed, rubber-soled shoes in order to be permitted to play during physical education and during Playworks lunchtime recess.  Please avoid wearing any open-toed shoes and/or flip flops.

We would like to remind you that daily attendance and punctuality are good habits that we encourage all our children to have.  Your cooperation in making sure that your children arrive to school on time (8:00 AM) and have good attendance (90% or better) is greatly appreciated!

Please join us on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 during our PTA meeting to find out more about our “Think Stretch” Summer Reading Program and get a sneak peek into the Summer Fun Books that all kids will be receiving to complete over the summer.  Used books will also be sold to encourage all students to keep up their reading skills.

Please join us in celebrating our entire staff during the week of May 7th for Teacher Appreciation Week.  Our team of outstanding teachers at P.S. 186 work very hard each and every day to ensure the success of all children!  Please encourage your children to write a special letter or make a card for their teachers to show their appreciation for our wonderful educators! Thank you for all of your support throughout this school year.  As we continue to work together, we see our children progressing academically and socially.  We look forward to a successful conclusion to the year.

After dismissal, please be respectful of the time.  Effective immediately, at 2:45 pm the school yard is closed daily to accommodate the NIA ExpandED Program and the 500 PS 186 students they service.  For safety reasons the gates need to be closed and all students not attending NIA must leave the schoolyard in order for all students to engage in various activities.

Family Resources for Special Education

2017-2018 School Year Calendar

Letter from our new Chancellor Richard A. Carranza

Dear Parents,
It is my pleasure to serve as your Schools Chancellor. I am eager to meet parents and
families, and hear your hopes for your children and schools.
I want to share a bit about my life and career. I grew up in Tucson, Arizona, the son of a
sheet metal worker and a hairdresser. My grandparents were immigrants from Mexico and
I did not learn English until kindergarten. Although my parents never attended college, they
knew that the path forward for my twin brother and me included an education. They wanted
more for their children—a college degree and meaningful work. I know that you also want
the same opportunities for your children.
I have devoted my life to public education because it is the greatest gift I have received. I
started teaching nearly 30 years ago in the same public high school that I attended. I
began as a bilingual social studies and music teacher, and later became a high school
principal in Tucson. I then went on to be a regional superintendent in Las Vegas, and a
superintendent in San Francisco, and most recently, in Houston.
As Chancellor, I plan to build on the strong work our students, educators, schools, and
families are already doing. I am particularly focused on Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Equity and
Excellence for All (E&E) agenda. E&E is the engine through which we are offering every
four-year old a free, full day, high-quality Pre-K for All seat, and expanding 3-K for All to
reach each child in this formative stage. Through our Universal Literacy initiative, we are
getting all of our students reading on grade level. Beyond our students’ early years, we are
making sure that all of our graduates are prepared for college and careers through College
Access for All and AP for All. You are partners in this important work, and together we will
continue to make sure that your children are in school and committed to learning.
I also believe that schools are more than places where children go to learn. They are the
heart of our communities—and a bridge to opportunity, support, and wellness for students
and their families. A great education is the best way to empower the next generation.
I am excited to share this journey with you, and look forward to meeting many of you in the
coming months. Your children are New York City’s future doctors, tech leaders, teachers,
and mayors. I promise to serve, champion, and care for each of them.
Richard A. Carranza

District 20 Grading Policy

PS 186 is participating in the district-wide grading policy to ensure

all students are graded consistently and fairly across all schools and classrooms. 

Performance Levels


Report Card Grades





Weight %


92% - 100%





80% – 91%





65% – 79%





Below 65%




Outdoor Lineup and Recess

In keeping with the recommendations from the NYC Dept. of Health, the Deptartment of Education has set forth the following guideline:

Children benefit from vigorous exercise and should be given the opportunity to play outside whenever possible. Unless it is snowing, or there is ice on the playground, or the wind-chill factor is below zero degrees Fahrenheit (-18 degrees Celsius), temperature alone should not preclude outdoor play. You are encouraged to work with your staff to maintain outdoor play periods, and should take precautions to keep students warm and ensure that they are appropriately dressed on very cold days. When outdoors, please ensure that your students and staff cover exposed skin, wear warm clothing, and use multiple layers to maintain warmth.

Please be sure to dress your child for outdoor line up and recess each day.  

On days when the weather does not permit outdoor lineup, students should enter the school through one of the schoolyard entrances.

Playworks- A Rocking Recess!

Our Indoor "Rockin' Recess" is such a great success! We would, however,  like to give the children the opportunity to play outside whenever it is possible.  Please remind students to come dressed appropriately (cover exposed skin, wear warm clothing and use multiple layers to maintain warmth) for outdoor play daily.  The decision to stay indoors or outdoors will be made on a day to day basis. 

Breakfast in the Classroom

This year our school will continue to participate in an innovative program called Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC). BIC is a free breakfast program that aims to alleviate hunger and ensure all students are ready to learn each day. 

 Our school selected the "Grab and Go" delivery option.  Children arriving before the school day begins between 7:20 and 7:50 AM may have breakfast in the cafeteria before morning line-up.  Children arriving after that time make take their "grab and go" breakfasts up to their classrooms from a station at one of the entrances.  Once in the classroom, these students eat at their desk while the teacher takes morning attendance, teaches a short lesson, and/or reads announcements. 

Gifted and Talented Handbooks

2018 Pre-K- 2nd Grade Gifted & Talented Handbooks have arrived.  These handbooks will help you learn about the G&T Admission and programs.  If you would like to receive  a handbook please send in a note requesting one to your child's teacher.  

Accept Your Kindergarten Offer by April 27

If you submitted your child’s kindergarten application by the January 19 deadline, you’ll get your offer letter the week of March 19. Your offer letter lists the school where your child will go to kindergarten, and you’ll need to accept your offer by April 27.

Your letter also includes the schools where your child is waitlisted. You are automatically added to the waitlist for all schools that you ranked higher on your application than the school where your child got an offer. You don’t need to take any action on your waitlist schools until they contact you—schools contact waitlisted families directly if they can offer you a seat.

If you submit a late application, you'll get an offer by mid-June.

To accept your offer, you must pre-register in person at the school where your child got the offer—contact the school to schedule a time. 

Please bring with you:

  • The child that you are registering 
  • Proof of your child's age (child's birth certificate, passport, or record of baptism)
  • Your child’s immunization records (if available)
  • Your child’s latest report card/transcript (if available)
  • Two documents below verifying proof of address
    • Lease agreement, deed, or mortgage statement for the residence;
    • A residential utility bill (gas or electric) in the resident’s name issued by a utility company (e.g., National Grid or Con Edison); must be dated within the past 60 days;
    • A bill for cable television services provided to the residence; must include the name of the parent and the address of the residence and be dated within the past 60 days;
    • Documentation or letter on letterhead from a federal, state, or local government agency, including the IRS, the City Housing Authority, the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement, the Human Resources Administration, or the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS), or an ACS subcontractor, indicating the resident’s name and address; must be dated within the past 60 days;
    • A current property tax bill for the residence;
    • A water bill for the residence; must be dated within the past 90 days;
    • Rent receipt which includes the address of residence; must be dated within the past 60 days;
    • State, city, or other government issued identification (including an IDNYC card), which has not expired and includes the address of residence;
    • Income tax form for the last calendar year;
    • Official NYS Driver’s License or learner’s permit, which has not expired;
    • Official payroll documentation from an employer issued within the past 60 days such as a paystub with home address, a form submitted for tax withholding purposes, or payroll receipt (a letter on the employer’s letterhead is not adequate); must include home address and be dated within the past 60 days;
    • Voter registration documents, which include the name of the parent and the address of residence;
    • Unexpired membership documents based upon residency (e.g., neighborhood residents’ association), which include the name of the parent and the address of residence;
    • Evidence of custody of the child, including but not limited to judicial custody orders or guardianship papers; documents must have been issued within the past 60 days and include name of student and address of residence.

Letter on Graduation Rates - February 14, 2017

 Please click on the attachment to read a message from our Mayor and Chancellor regarding graduation rates in NYC.

Local school joins mission to introduce students to computer science

We live in a world surrounded by technology, and we know that whatever field our students choose to go into as adults, their ability to succeed will increasingly depend on understanding how technology works. However, only a tiny fraction of us are learning how technology works. Fewer than half of all schools teach computer science.

That’s why our entire school is joining in on the largest learning event in history: The Hour of Code, during Computer Science Education Week (December 4-10). More than 100 million students worldwide have already tried an Hour of Code.

Our Hour of Code is making a statement that PS 186 is ready to teach these 21st century skills. To help us in this initiative, we encourage you to work with your son or daughter at home on the activities on ( so that they can continue their learning of Computer Science.  

We are excited to be a part of this important initiative and look forward to sparking students’ interest in Computer Science.  See for details, and help spread the word.


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